I looked as the stars fell,

But I did not see them,

I listened for the screams,

But I did not hear them,

I searched for the answers,

But I did not find them,




They who do not understand,




Me a soldier of my own reality,




Self-absorbed as my world crashes around me,


It is not their world,

But there is where help lies,

Where the fallen stars plummet.


3 thoughts on “Disassociation

  1. Love this, especially the last line. Has a bit of a surreal quality to it, given the echoes (me, I, etc). Would you mind if I feature this poem on our site and give you credit/link back to your page? We feature poets every Friday. You can also add a blurb about yourself/your site if you’d like.


    1. Of course, be my guest! if you could credit me and link my page for a blurb I am not sure what to tell you to be honest, my writing reflects how I feel at that exact moment so I guess you can glean a lot from in between the lines if someone wanted to find something haha! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Liked by 1 person

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