A Story of Life

I see the page but cannot read the words,

No longer are images flying through my mind,

There is no desire to become lost in a world between the lines,

Constantly my concentration is disturbed,

Will I ever reach the end?

There used to be a life laid out ahead of me,

Now I worry if this book will be the death of me,

Scared that no one will accept me,

Could me and someone ever find unity?

Will I ever reach the end?

Cover to cover sometimes is too much for some,

I understand more than most,

Wondering if happiness will ever come,

Eyes scorched by a heatless sun,

Will I ever reach the end?



I often dream that paradise is found within your arms,

A precipice that I teeter on before finally plummeting into your embrace,

The moment before I feel your hands on my back there is nothing except the ecstasy of your presence invading my own,

You, such a familiar face but a voice I have only heard in passing,

For if our paths were to cross I think I surely would stumble on to yours,

Forgetting my own dreams,

Traversing in tandem with yours,

If I am merely a wanderer then hopefully it is your world that I become lost within,

The only tether drawing me home is the warmth of your words as you tell me how your days was,

And you ask me about mine,

And as I spin you a tale of woe,

You won’t seem to mind,

I often dream that paradise was lost the day I let you walk by,

Now there is nothing and I can’t even ask why…


I looked as the stars fell,

But I did not see them,

I listened for the screams,

But I did not hear them,

I searched for the answers,

But I did not find them,




They who do not understand,




Me a soldier of my own reality,




Self-absorbed as my world crashes around me,


It is not their world,

But there is where help lies,

Where the fallen stars plummet.